Exterior Restoration

Because The details matter…

Restoring the exterior envelope of older buildings is one of our fortes. We are sensitive to today’s energy code requirements, as well as historic aesthetic sensibilities. Indus provides consulting services to public and private clients, for new and older buildings.

Indus maintains relationships with industry manufacturers, attends today’s technical conferences and instruction seminars, yet also understands the unique construction of older structures. We seek to design appropriate materials, installations and specific solutions with regards to exterior walls and roof waterproofing, energy efficiency and restoration. We have worked with several New York City agencies in the renovation of historic facades and roofs. We have also designed sustainable Green Roofs and rooftop decking projects.


Building Waterproofing

From foundations to rooftops…

Indus has extensive waterproofing and energy conservation consulting. We review and ‘red-mark' design details to highlight critical areas, and suggest appropriate material and construction techniques to achieve lasting waterproofing of building assemblies. We offer consultation on curtain walls, rain screens, cavity walls, masonry mass construction and EIFS (exterior insulating façade systems).


Interior Design and Renovation

When Aesthetics Are A priority…

Indus has extensive experience in high-end residential and commercial interior design. We work with our clients closely to achieve their design objectives for their personal and business environments. We work with other designers, product manufacturers and suppliers to obtain the maximum cost savings without sacrificing quality and beauty.

Building Alteration and Design

Peer review…

Indus performs reviews of architectural drawings with respect to egress, fire code, waterproofing, energy code and ADA building code issues. We mark up electronic drawings and creates PDF files which can be emailed back to the Client and the project team. We also make recommendations for standard water testing for fenestration (windows and doors), and witnesses water testing in testing laboratories and in the field.

Property Condition Assessment

Indus performs property condition assessments for clients who are considering purchasing commercial or residential properties. We also conduct ‘due-diligence’ assessments which determine the remaining life of building components and assemblies. We prepare “order of magnitude” cost estimates which provide, on a fixed time scale, anticipated capital expenditures and up-keep repairs, for budgeting purposes. We are able to provide reports for entire building systems as well isolated systems such as facades and roofs.

Field Operations

Providing you with Construction Administration and quality control…

Indus performs Construction Administration and Quality Control for numerous projects, from large to small, residential to commercial. Indus reviews product submittals, shop drawings, contractor progress payment applications and Requests for Information. Indus has worked with several types of project management software including ProCore. Indus performs periodic site observation visits, to assure the Client that the correct materials are being installed and in the correct fashion. Indus also performs Construction Monitoring services, both as a Prime and as a Sub consultant to other Architects, to provide full time site presence.

QEWI (Qualified Exterior Wall Inspector) and Special Inspections

We Provide A Wide Range Of Architectural Special Inspection Services…

We are certified to do class 2 special inspections for stucco, EIFS, insulation, sealant, brick facades and roofs. We perform progress inspections during construction, and sign off TR-1 forms.

FISP/Local Law 11

Formerly known as Local Law 11, FISP is an amendment to the administrative code of the City of New York, in relation to inspection of the exterior walls of buildings greater than six stories in height. Owners of buildings higher than six stories must have exterior walls and appurtenances inspected every five years and they must file a technical facade report with the NYC Department of Buildings.

Cycle 9 Filing Time-span

FISP chart.jpg

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