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Vidya Vanam


Vidya Vanam is an elementary school for children from tribal and underprivileged families in rural South India, established in 2007. We endeavor to help these children grow into literate, self-confident and motivated adults. The school provides health care, food sustenance and education. The program promotes gender equality, by teaching girls and boys art, science and math equally. Vidya Vanam has 300 students and is in the town of Coimbatore, in the South of India. $350 funds one child's education food and transportation at this school.

Our goal for Vidya Vanam Elementary School is $10,000.

Please help us reach our goal.

Viet Dreams

Viet Dreams is a 501(c)(3) charity non-profit organization founded by musicians, artists, and music enthusiasts who all share a common goal – to provide disadvantaged children in Vietnam and United States with better educational opportunities and a more healthy, sustainable way of living. It is our duty to provide these children with vital medical supplies and educational assistance so that they may live better lives and one day fulfill their dreams


Wildlife SOS

Wildlife SOS is a rescue and conservation charity that operates 10 wildlife rehabilitation facilities throughout India, including the Elephant Conservation and Care Center, which is the first such center in India and currently houses 22 rescued elephants. We also run a tribal rehabilitation project that aims to create an alternative livelihood for poachers and other indigenous communities who once depended on the exploitation of wildlife for their livelihoods. Wildlife SOS also has a leopard rescue center, a wildlife hotline in New Delhi and Agra, as well as Forest Watch, which is an anti-poaching crime enforcement unit. The U.S. branch of Wildlife SOS is a 501(c)3 charity based in Salt Lake City, Utah.

WASH United

WASH United (WASH stands for Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) is an international non-profit headquartered in Berlin/Germany that operates in South Asia, Sub-Saharan Africa and at global level. Tapping into things people love (such as celebrity role models and play), WASH United creates innovative new solutions to raise awareness, change attitudes and facilitate behavior change around the “dirty” issues of sanitation and hygiene (including menstrual health and hygiene). We share our solutions with implementing organizations to achieve impact at scale.

Thus far, WASH United and partners have trained more than 270,000 children in Africa and Asia in good sanitation and hygiene behaviors and reached hundreds of millions of people around the world through awareness campaigns. Indus supports the efforts of WASH United. Please help us spread the word.


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